Litter, Litter, Everywhere

Here at the Town Council we have had numerous complaints about the amount of litter that is currently plaguing our Town. Dalton is not on its own, some areas of the Country are reporting an increase in litter of up to 250% and in one area of Kent CCTV cameras that can catch litter being thrown from vehicles are being trialled with fines of £120 being issued. We hate to see our Town looking uncared for and quite honestly – a mess!.  To address this problem the Town Council will soon be commencing their Keep Dalton Tidy Campaign and are asking all out residents to join in.

Keep Britain Tidy wrote in a recent report that “litter is one of the first signs of social decay. If we don’t care about litter on our street, in our parks or on our high streets, we are unlikely to care about other environmental issues that negatively impact on our lives, our communities and society”.

People should be proud of the areas that they live in. If an area has a litter problem, it is going to reduce or even destroy the pride that residents have about living there. When an area has a litter problem, its residents don’t want to spend time there, meaning an area becomes uncared for, community spirit suffers, and as a result people’s wellbeing and health suffer. It also means that residents worry about other problems associated with litter, such as economic impact, crime and anti-social behaviour.

Litter has a major effect on business and tourism for areas. If a city, town or village is full of litter, it will illustrate that it is uncared for and will discourage people from visiting that area. Quite simply, this is because cities, towns and villages that are full of litter are not pleasant places to be. If it discourages people from visiting that area, it means that local shops will lose trade, as there will be less people visiting the area to use local shops.

We are organising community litter picks in all areas of the Town, running competitions for local primary school children, preparing posters and many other things, so watch this space for further information.


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