Neil McDougall

Town Councillor

Telephone: 01229 464000


Position in Council

Town Councillor


Dowdales Ward


I have lived in the Dalton area since the mid 1990’s and in the Furess area all my life. I am committed and care about the local issues that affect the environment, infrastructure and particularly in creating opportunities for local businesses to flourish.

I have been in business in the local area for nearly 40 years so I am familiar with the obstacles that can make it difficult for businesses to prosper, I am committed to removing these obstacles as a councillor in the area that I live so that local business can develop and grow with the needs of the community.

I am involved with the local community in a number of ways, I use and encourage using local services, my child went to local schools and for 12 years I have led a team of dedicated individuals in running an Annual family event in the town which attracts over 5000 people. I also raise funds for a charity that supports the local community and do this on a regular basis, this involves running events for the Furness area and people Countywide to get involved with.

I am proud to live and work within the Dalton area and I am committed to working for you on the issues that matter to make this area continue to develop and grow for the benefit of all.