Dalton with Newton Town Council

Minutes of the meeting held Monday 1st July 2019

In the Town Hall, Station Road, Dalton in Furness at 7pm

Present         Councillor N Perie, C Fox, A Fox, A Thurlow, S Ronson and

W Maddox

Apologies There were no apologies for absence

  1. Minutes  of the Previous Meeting It was agreed that the minutes of the previous meeting were a true record and the chairman authorised to sign.
  • Police 

There was no attendance from the Police and no crime figures had been sent.

The Meeting was suspended at 7.04

One member of the public addressed the Council on the poor state of the roads in Dalton, Councillor Shirley attended the meeting representing both the Borough and County Council and reported that the Highways were aware of the issues on Coronation Drive and also Market Street. In respect of Coronation Drive, unfortunately there was no available money in the CCC budget at the moment to carry our works but the Area Engineer was looking for funding to address the problem.  Councillor Shirley is hoping to get the resurfacing works for Market Street included on the Programme of Works for 2020. Councillor Shirley is continuing to push for works on Nelson Street to ease congestion and prevent vehicles mounting the pavement, this could include making Nelson Street one way or removing the pavement on one side to widen the road.  Once a firm proposal has been made there will be a consultation process and residents, members of the public and the Council can make their feelings known.  The member of the public attending also reported that there was a danger to those using the road at Tantabank to enter or exit on Station Road, This access is very narrow and single lane access, motorists frequently meet head on as there is no visibility from either way before turning.  It was suggested that this road should be one way.  Councillor Shirley is to take the suggestion to Highways for consideration.

Poor parking in the town was also raised, councillors had had numerous complaints and this was an ongoing situation in all areas with vehicles parking on pavements and grass verges.

Meeting Resumed 7.25pm

  • Reports from District/County Councillors

County Councillor Ben Shirley attended the meeting and had taken part in the discussion earlier with a member of the public an councillors regarding various highways issues. Councillors Shirley reported that the Highways Advisory Sub-Group minutes would be available soon and that the Town Clerk would receive a set. Councillor Shirley also reported that CCC Highways were aware that some white lining in the Town was faded such as the Zebra crossing on Market Street. The crossing will be remarked as soon as possible , however other lining would be put onto the Programme of Works for 2020.

  • Matters Arising
  • Xmas Tree Brackets – The Town Clerk reported that a second quote for the manufacture of the Xmas Tree Brackets had now been received. Following discussion councillors agreed that the quote from Urswick Engineering be accepted.
  • Street Furniture – It was reported that Councillors Craig and Alison Fox had now completed painting the wooden planters which belonged to the Borough Council.  It was agreed that high vis vests should be purchased for those working for the council on safety grounds. Councillors Craig and Alison Fox were thanked by councillors for their hard work.
  • Trees on Co-op Land – Councillor Maddox gave a verbal report on the issue of self seeded trees on Co-op land affecting the beck which she was dealing with on behalf of nearby residents.  Once further information is available she will report back to council.
  • Flagpoles – The Town Clerk reported that a quote for the repair and service of the flagpoles had now been received from a specialist company Flying Colours located in Knaresborough. The cost of the Service would be £1350 and parts which would be needed to be specially manufactured would be extra. Following discussion it was agreed that Flying Colours be given the go-ahead.
  • Shop Front Grant Scheme – Councillor Ronson reported that the application forms had now been issued to local businesses with a closing date of 1st August 2019.
  • Joint Rural Projects Committee – This item was deferred to the next meeting
  • Correspondence

Furness LitFest – This item was deferred to the next meeting for further information to be obtained.

  • Highways

Highways issued had been discussed with Councillor Shirley earlier in the meeting.

  • Co-Option to Council The Town Clerk reported that an expression of interest had been received from two applicants with regards to two of the three vacancies on the Council. It was agreed that Councillors Craig Fox, Alison Fox and Sam Ronson would interview and report back.


  • Barrow Borough Council                                                          £136.90
  • Bryan Greaves                                                                            £1150.00

It was agreed that the invoices be paid

  1. Reports Councillor Maddox gave a verbal report on the new trains on the West Coast line.
  1. Planning

B21/2019/0480         8 Newton Crossroads, Newton in Furness

Rear living room extension

The Town Council have no objections

Meeting Closed 7.50pm




Dalton with Newton Town Council

Minutes of the meeting held Monday 15th July 2019

In the Town Hall, Station Road, Dalton in Furness at 7pm

Present         Councillor N Perie, S Ronson and W Maddox.

  1. Apologies for Absence – Councillors A Thurlow, C Fox and A Fox
  • Declarations of Interest Councillors Maddox and Ronson declared an interest in any matters relating to Barrow Borough Council.
  • Co-Option to Council Councillor Ronson gave a verbal report on the recent interview of one prospective candidate.  Following discussion councillors accepted the recommendation of the interview panel and agreed the co-option of Ruth Crossley and Bailey Parrington.
  • Ale Taster Appointment The Town Clerk reported that one application for the position of Ale Taster had been received.  Councillors N Perie and W Maddox will arrange to interview the candidate and report back to Council.
  • Finance
  • Grant Application Furness LitFest – Councillors considered the application and agreed that a grant of £300 be approved if the LitFest can demonstrate that they have approached other councils for funding.
  • HSP (Annual Report)                                        £1775.00
  • Tythe Barn Nurseries                                        £216.00

Councillors approved payment of the above invoices.

  • Planning

B28/2019/0506         4 Underwood Tce, Dalton in Furness

Application for works to trees subject of Tree Preservation Order 2003 No. 1 for the felling of T1 (Sycamore) T2 (Cherry) at land adjacent to 17 Goose Green

The Town Council would request that the applicant is asked to provide evidence that the trees for proposed felling are causing damage to neighbouring properties or drainage before permission is granted.

Meeting  Closed 7.42