A Parish Plan or Community Plan is an action plan developed by the local community based on widespread consultations. It sets out a vision for your area to take action on and steps to make your community a better place.  The last Parish Plan for Dalton expired in 2005 and the Town Council have now taken steps to renew the plan, however, it is not unusual for plans to take up to two years to finalise.

So an accurate picture can be obtained it is usual to invite representatives of various community groups and organisations, schools and sports club etc to be part of a steering group who make sure that the final plan represents everyones view. The final plan can be used by the Town Council, Barrow Borough Council and Cumbria County Council to develop and implement policies and plans for our area. These plans could affect things such as the environment (Litter/recycling/dog fouling/local wildlife and green areas), Recreation and facilities (is there enough provided for elderly/youth/sport), Roads and Transport (vehicle speed/traffic calming/car parking/public transport) and Planning (areas designated for building homes or industrial areas). These are just an example and residents of Dalton and Newton may have other issues that they would like addressing.

Questionnaires will be sent out to every home in the Dalton and Newton area soon, this is your chance to tell us your views. Responses from the returned questionnaires will be used to draw up the new plan, To have a say in the future of your community simply complete the questionnaire and send it back to us.