Speed Indicator Device

or Sid for short.  Having received numerous complaints about speeding vehicles at various locations, the three parish councils in the area, Askam & Ireleth, Dalton with Newton and Lindal and Marton, with help from County Councillor Barry Doughty, all contributed towards the cost of purchasing a speed indicator device.  The unit is placed at a reported ‘blackspot’ and vehicle speed is displayed on a large screen so motorists can view it.  The device also records details such as the time of day, number of vehicles passing in total, minimum vehicles speeds, maximum vehicle speeds from both directions although the speed is only displayed in one direction.  Data is collected by the local policing team and reported back to the parish councils.  Information can then be used by the Police and Highways authority to assess the extent of the problem and what actions can subsequently be taken.  If you believe you can identify a trouble spot for speeding vehicles please contact us and we can arrange for the device to be located at an appropriate place.


Phone Box Project

In 2010 the Town Council where approached by British Telecom as one of their red telephone boxes within the Dalton Parish was being offered for adoption, the only alternative to adoption was for it to be removed by British Telecom. The telephone box at Newton has been there for a longer than anyone can remember but had only accepted phone cards for some time due to lack of use by the public. In common with red telephone boxes nationally, this one had become a part of the landscape and would have been missed had it been removed.

After consideration Councillors agreed to adopt the kiosk and asked for suggestions for uses once refurbished. Once the official adoption paperwork was completed a contractor commenced work on repainting and installing shelving and the telephone box is now a well used mini book exchange stocked with books and magazines donated by people from Newton Village, the only one within the Dalton and Newton boundary.