World War 2 Research Project

1939-1945 Research Project

Councillor Ann Thurlow started researching the names on our war memorial of the men and one woman who died as a result of the Second World War. Councillor Thurlow would be very grateful for any information you may have that could be added to the data she has already gleaned.

The names are:

Cyril Arrowsmith                                              Samuel R Atkinson

John Barnes                                                        Frank N Benson

Bernard Boulton                                               Eileen Boundy

Charles N Bush                                                  Leslie Chester

John Corless                                                       John L Cowdrey

James Cowley                                                    John C Dickson

Leslie G Dowker                                                David Edwards

John P Fargher                                                  William H Fargher

Charles Flynn                                                     William A Graham

Charles R Hay                                                     Thomas W Hickey

William Jackson                                                James Johnstone

James A N Jopson                                            Frederick T Long

Alexander Macaulay                                       John McCourty

James Mossop                                                  Eric Myers

Benjamin Nicholas                                           John O’Hare

Douglas G Phizacklea                                      James F Phizacklea

Walter E Poole                                                  Herbert Preston

Norman Ramsey                                               Cecil W Redhead

George Rigg                                                        Laurie Sharp

Eric W Sinkinson                                               Gordon C Starkie

Richard Steele                                                   Arthur Styles

Harold Traverse                                                James E Walker

Thomas W Wall                                                 Frederick Warren

Michael Wood

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